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Volunteer Platform

Volunteer Platform(VPF) aims to build an international and nationwide supporting platform.<br />
						To support vulnerable people and children around the world.


VPF has a vision of supporting vulnerable people and children around the world – with an aim to create a world where everyone has their right to choose their own way of life without being held back by poverty and other life conditions.

Who we support

VPF mainly focuses on supporting vulnerable children, and supports not only people in developing countries, but also those in developed countries. There are a variety of different global issues, relating to poverty, education, economy, human rights, environment, healthcare and welfare which must be solved.

Consequently, VPF has examined appropriate strategies and is implementing them to tackle each of these problems.

What we do

Through Social Business and IT, VPF promotes improvements of ”effectiveness” and “sustainability”, which have always been obstacles to volunteerism and international cooperation. VPF aims to construct an international “Volunteer Platform”, where professionals in the field of international cooperation all around the world will interact and cooperate to resolve world problems.


As a step toward accomplishment of its vision, VPF carries out three different supporting projects.


•Direct support project

VPF runs classes at several elementary schools and orphanages, and build daily infrastructures.

•Intervening support project

VPF annually dispatches thousands of volunteers to over 30 different countries around the world.

•Indirect support project

VPF operates one of the leading volunteer information websites in Japan and has started to develop internationally. As a result of its support for the reconstruction in areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, VPF was awarded a prize, which Google and Yahoo! also received for their achievements.


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