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『Small step, big change.』


『Small step, big change.』


Many nations are now facing difficult social problems in terms of military, education, economy, and environment. Also, a severe coronavirus pandemic hits developing countries hard fostering inequality. Then, what can we do to improve our overall quality of life? Due to the current situation, we can see that socially vulnerable living in developing countries are struggling to learn by using the online tool. On the other hand, people from a far distance can interact with each other to strengthen one's social circle. Let's take ぼらぷら online overseas volunteer as an example. Without the coronavirus outbreak, I would never have an opportunity to communicate with local children in Cambodia to help them learn English. In this essay, I will explore how we can use this advanced technology to help us achieve SDGs by 2030.
According to ぼらぷら document, although we have achieved the global primary education completion rate to be 70% in 2000 to 84% in 2018, it is said that 1.6 billion children can not go to school as of July 2020. Even in America, public infrastructure is completely developed, some students do not have perfect study environments such as computers, printers, and Wi-Fi. In a developing country, not many learners can get their electric device which leads to learning loss. What I am doing right now to help these children is that I donate school supplies or money as a donation. In Japan, it is not common to make contributions, but I believe that everyone should be more aware of these actions. It can not only help increase kids going to school but also let you learn about social issues that you had never paid attention to.
It should come as no surprise to learn that SNS have huge impacts on our daily life. Experts claim that Social network platforms almost tripled their total user base in the last decade, from 970 million in 2010 to the number passing 3.81 billion users in 2020. Youth spend their time on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to find something interesting. In fact, I found ぼらぷら activity on Instagram and got curious to join the program. There are a ton of accounts that explain what SDGs are and how we can do to enhance life quality. However, I rarely see my friends posing about social problems to make the world a better place. If I put SDGs' explanation on my story, my peer would get interested in these goals which contribute to spreading awareness. Personally, small steps can create an enormous impact like ending education inequality. To take action, people first need to study recent situations and they can gain detailed information from SNS.
To sum up, it is necessary to take interest in SDGs and make the action even if it is just a small thing. A reduced education gap is an important factor to create sustainable development. As the education level gets higher, economic growth is faster. We must keep in mind that those socially vulnerable including women, children people with disabilities in poverty should get the same treatment. Bringing attention to SDGs would maximize the chance of making an equal society.

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Kudos for Miki’s attempt to raise awareness of SDGs amongst her circle of influence, namely spreading the concept by tapping into SNS! As the saying goes, “Action speaks louder than words.” Writing and sharing her continued actions as well as her thoughts in English will surely lead to a larger ripple effect than in Japanese, multiplying its speed and realm. What her essay suggests is that a new form of contributing to world peace is right here at our fingertips, which is not only the privilege of Generation Z but of the other generations as well.


This essay is logically composed and well-focused on issues related to education inquality happened in the world. It is not easy to express your thoughts in English though, you are not only seeing issues, but also mention how you can specifically contribute to them as finding your voice towards sustainable society through this program. Small step will definetely change the world. We hope you will make your voice heard and it helps spread the awareness of sustainability more and more!



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